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Product research for an FBA seller is a business operation that needs heavy time investment as well as capital investment, and at the same time, they are extremely crucial to be analysed to help grow your business better. Thus, you can’t compromise with the need to research your product ranking, sales volume and much more. But there’s a simple solution to all your product research troubles as an Amazon FBA seller; Amazon Sales Estimator.

The Top Amazon Sales Estimator 2020

1. Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

Arguably one the best Amazon Sellers’ go-to platform, Jungle Scout comes as a powerful weapon to combat your Amazon sales related worries with their Jungle Scout Sales Estimator feature.

They benefit the sellers by giving them instant access to sales data of millions of products. The estimator is absolutely free of cost for everyone to use and it provides you with a rough idea about the sales, hence, the name ‘estimator’.

All you have to do is head on to their website or mobile app, put in the information about the sales rank you wish to gather sales data about, the marketplace or geographical region you wish to view the sale estimates of and the category of the product. The results you will gather from carrying out these steps are based on the sales ranking of the products on Amazon. These simple steps will fetch you quick estimates of the average monthly sales data so you can keep tabs on your fellow competitors and make such success launches.

2. Helium 10

To gain detailed, accurate and reliable information about the market space in order to ace the game, you need software that arms you with multiple tools in every aspect possible. Helium 10 software is a suite of over 20 tools to help you make money and save up money through its diverse features.

If you are an Amazon seller who curates the majority of your own product listings, Helium 10 is the way to go for your business. Its all-in-one platform helps you gain benefits through every step of the selling.

You can use the software for free to get to know the tools better and if it suits your taste, you can make your pick from their platinum, diamond and elite plans.

Its keyword tracker tool tracks down all the keywords you make use of along with their rankings and the shift in the ranks, helping you use the keywords that will bring your products to the first search page of Amazon to attract more buyer traffic.

With the number of features it provides its user, we can only scratch the surface while discussing the features. Helium 10 saves your time so that you can utilise it to focus better on your business rather than working on multiple spreadsheets and datasheets. It helps you spy wisely on your competitors by finding top keywords for you to use and advising you about how many units you must sell to dictate the market space.

Viral Launch is a company that offers you a diverse set of services to help your business gain excellence in the Amazon marketplace. The unique feature of personalization sets Virtual Launch apart from its competitors. With the variety of services it provides the Amazon sellers with, they get a personal consultant to walk them through the process and help fetch positive results.

One of the services that Virtual Launch provides the Amazon sellers is called market intelligence. It is a software solution that has been designed to ensure your product’s success in the market. It becomes an easy task to understand the market space as it provides you with previous sales, prices and the new hot trends that dictate it in the present day, aiding to construct a well-thought-out plan for your business.

The software’s built-in calculator allows you to see the cost and profits each product in different categories carry, to help you obtain better sales potential for your products. The software also claims to produce the most accurate results against their competitors as they make use of real-time and historical data to estimate the sales.

4. AMZ Scout Sales Estimator

AMZ Rank Sales Checker

The AMZ Scout Sales Estimator is an estimator that is extremely easy to use and convenient for all users. The estimator calculates the product’s sales by its sales ranking on Amazon, thus, one must be aware of the ranking of the product they seek to fetch the data about.

The estimator asks you to pick from detailed options of products; appliances, electronics, home and kitchen, grocery and gourmet food, health and household, being just a couple of them. After you are through with that, you just need to enter the rank of the product and you will be presented with the average sales estimates.

Marketplaces that are supported by the AMZ Scout Sales Estimator include USA, India, UK, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany and Mexico, with the sales estimates of the US marketplace being the most reliable amongst the rest of the locations mentioned.

5. Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher Sales Estimate

Coming through as a free alternative to its competitors, whose fees can hike up to $20 to $300, Unicorn Smasher is a useful product research Chrome extension that has been designed specifically for the benefit of Amazon FBA sellers. Their data-driven sales estimates provides you with the right information you need to excel in your sales and sell what will fetch you with the most benefits.

The software aims to help the user study the entire Amazon market through one platform and gather information and opportunities, that could come in handy, on the website. Unicorn Smasher gives you the information you seek in a matter of seconds right on your browser.

This aims to help you save up the time you would have spent making endless spreadsheets to keep tabs on the numbers, by providing every sale estimate feature at one stop.

You just need to enter your email address and name to simply add on the extension to your Chrome browser and get started, thus going easy on your wallet.

6. Seller App Amazon Sales Estimator

Sales Seller App

Every product in various categories stands on different rankings which helps the buyer understand the popularity and reliability of the product. At the same time, it should allow the seller to analyse the market better and gain opportunities in their favour, and Seller App’s Sales Estimator helps you with just that!

It tracks down niches and categories that carry the best sales opportunities for their users to benefit from. When in a market, it is important to keep a keen watch on your competitors. Seller App Sales Estimator showcases how many units your competitors sell and what amount of units you must sell to dominate the market and reach the first page of Amazon with the right keywords.

The process is simple. You will be required to pick your desired product base category and enter the sales ranking of the product you seek to deal with. Once you have entered all the details, the orders that the product receives per day will be displayed on the screen, giving you sales estimates to help your business grow on Amazon.

Amazon Rank and BSR Explained

The Amazon Sales Rank is the tool by which one can assess how well a product is selling in comparison to other competitive products under the same category. If a product ranks number one in its category, that means it is the most popularly purchased item on the list.

If your product ranks at number 35 that translates back to the fact that there are 34 other items that are doing better than your products in the Amazon marketplace in the same category in terms of sales.

Now, Amazon BSR or best seller rank is a rank that has been given to Amazon products on the basis of their orders compared to the rest of the products under the same category within a given time frame. You can easily access the BSR of any product on Amazon by heading on to their product description.

What is an Amazon Sales Estimator?

There are millions and millions of products available on Amazon sold by another set of millions of sellers coming from across the globe. Thus, the competition hits the roof with such heavy traffic of sellers and products they have to offer to the marketplace.

So, the first step is to find what products to sell with the highest profitability and sales volume to benefit your business to the maximum level. When you figure out the sales volume of a product, it becomes an easy task to decide whether or not you want to sell it on Amazon and how to increase your sales level in comparison to your competitors.

All this can be done through the Amazon Sales Estimator. There are many sales estimators conveniently available online. All you need to do is enter the product category, insert the ranking of the product and simply extract the average sales volume on your screen.

Estimate Sales BSR

How Is Amazon Sales Rank Calculated?

It is safe to say that Amazon sales ranking is quite crucial for the buyer, seller as well as the market space. It determines the number of factors and thus, should be studied keenly. A product that ranks first means it has recently sold more than any other product in that particular category.

But how do you calculate the Amazon sales rank? This calculation is not based on the product reviews or ratings that the customers have left on it, but rather, it focuses on the sales rate.

The algorithm that ranks the products depends on a number of factors; the product’s eligibility to achieve higher is calculated by the number of recent sales and historical sales data relative to any other products in that same category. More recent sales weigh heavier than the sales of older purchases in the calculation.

Amazon calculates the bestseller ranking by its a9 algorithm based on the hourly updated metrics.

After Amazon adds the sales of each product and weighs them according to how recently they were made, it compares these values and sorts the products in their respective categories in descending order.

Amazon doesn’t reveal how exactly it ranks the products so we can only make speculations on how it is calculated.

What's a Good Sales Rank on Amazon?

It is an easy concept to understand which rank is positive and which ranking plays a negative impact on your sales. A good Amazon sales rank is one that is a lower number than the rest of your competitors at the given time frame.

If your product ranks number five in its category, that means there are four other products doing better in terms of sales that your own product. Meanwhile, if in the same category, there are a hundred other products, then your product is at a favourable level over those ninety-five products.

Thus, the lower the number of the rank is, the better it is for the sales of your products.

Why Do You Need Amazon Sales Estimator?

The use of Amazon Sales Estimator is quite handy while dealing with sales on Amazon. There are a number of benefits it offers to the FBA sellers.

  • It gives you an estimate of the sales volume of the particular product, which helps to understand the market condition and make further adjustments accordingly in your business.
  • It helps you spy on the performance of your competitors by telling you how many units they are selling on an average. They also guide you on how many units you should sell in order to become the king of the marketplace.
  • The sales estimator makes your task easier and can be conveniently used by anyone. You can avoid the hassle that goes into preparing spreadsheets and managing data by gaining an estimate of the sales and use this time to invest in your business.
  • When you use the sales estimator, it gives you a better insight on how to improve your sales and thus, establish your business in the market, bringing in better opportunities to set your roots firmly.


Amazon is an attractive market space to try your business skills. Though the competition is head to head with the entry of thousands of new products on the website every day, it is worth the effort to gain better potential for your business.

As an Amazon FBA seller, it becomes necessary to make use of Amazon Sales Estimator because they hold the potential to lead your business to new heights and gain better sales opportunities for your products; all that without the need to empty your pocket or invest your precious hours on studying the marketplace.

What is the Best Amazon Sales Estimator 2020?

The best Amazon sales estimator is the Jungle Scout Sales estimator, helping Amazon FBA sellers in 2020 to quickly and effortlessly check the average number of monthly sales for FREE.

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