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Best Amazon Seller Podcasts 2020

As entrepreneurs or business people, with small or big enterprises, even those with just a small home-based business can’t really spend weeks reading a book to get information or tips, and that’s the biggest reason why Amazon FBA seller podcasts are so popular right now in 2020.

Podcasts are one of the coolest inventions since we can be entertained and informed at the same about things that matter for our work or career, we can listen to them on the subway, while exercising, or even when we are stuck in a traffic jam.

So we wanted to talk about the best amazon seller podcast in 2020, but we really couldn’t decide so here we show you the 17 best and most useful Amazon FB seller podcasts available! 

1. Helium 10 – Seller sessions

Amazon Serious Sellers Podcast Helium 10We start with a highly motivational post for those entrepreneurs that are barely starting.
The Helium 10 is an Amazon seller podcast about a group of people who started with so little, that they even took meeting calls in their closet because they didn’t have a proper office. Already use the Helium 10 suite of tools, then this podcast sure will up your Amazon game. 
What you will learn from Helium 10 seller sessions is how they got to the top using Amazon FBA.
Up to this day, they have 50 sessions you can listen on their website, Spotify, iTunes or YouTube.
They last around 30 to 40 minutes, and to be honest, they are quite dynamic and present interesting topics (with special marketing and business guests), so it’s very easy to listen to them.

2. The Amazing Seller Podcast (Scott Voelker)

You have probably heard of this one because it’s quite popular for its simplicity and great advice.
Scott Voelker is the man with another Amazon success story to share, only that he created a substantial amount of money in only 90 days, and he tells you how in his podcast episodes.
The Amazing Seller has more than 700 episodes you can check at his site and other streaming platforms. We know, 700 episodes is a lot, but hey only last from 7 to 11 minutes.
He also brings special guests and answers questions from the audience, so if you have any specific question to make, he is quite receptive.

3. Viral Launch – Follow the Data (Casey Gauss)

Viral Launch PodcastAnd just like its name suggests it, Casey Gauss’s podcast is full of tips based on the statistics and how to improve them in a short time.
What we like about the Viral Launch is that Casey’s approach is quite close, he speaks to us like we have met forever, and it’s actually very interesting to listen to.
This podcast is one of our selection in this Amazon FBA seller podcast list because besides giving you his personal tips, he also comments news, algorithm changes, strategies, and many stories of success and failure.

Here you will certainly learn a lot about data and how to use it in your favor. Totally recommended for sellers with short experience on Amazon to professional ones.

4. FBA Millionaires

FBA-Podcast-MillionairesWill and Jeff will teach you how to get more than $300k in only 6 months, and if you just can’t get enough strategies and successful advice from their podcast, you simply request a personal free training to get started on Amazon FBA.

You see, the FBA Amazon has to offer is supposed to help you focus on more important matters than storage, packaging, and shipments, and FBA Millionaires teach pretty much what you need to do while this magic happens behind your back.

Their podcasts can be found on all the streaming platforms, and usually last from 30 to 45 minutes.

5. Private Label Movement 2.0

Private label movement 2.0 PodcastIt all started in 2015, when Jonathan Gabriel decided to focus all his knowledge into this e-commerce podcast dedicated almost entirely to making a fortune out of selling on Amazon.

The thing was that the podcast already existed, and was in charge of Kevin Rizer, another entrepreneur who got more than $15 million only by selling on Amazon. He then retired from the podcast and passed it to Jonathan.

Currently, at Private Label Movement, there are more than 100 podcasts to choose from, they all last between 20 to 40 minutes, and many include interviews with known businessmen and women from all over the globe.

6. The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast

Full-time-FBA-Show-PodcastThis is a very friendly approach towards making business on Amazon, it is conducted by Stephen and Rebecca Smotherman, two entrepreneurs who got over their fears and insecurities about Amazon FBA.

What Rebecca and Stephen will talk to you about on their podcast is their own experience as sellers, the difficulties they found, and how they passed it.

They only have 10 episodes so far, each last between 20 to 30 minutes, but they are full of great experiences and strategies followed by this duo.

The Full Time FBA Show also includes interviews and tips based on their experience, including mistakes made, because how else are we supposed to learn if everything is pretty in the business world, right?

7. AMZsecrets

This one, even though it is actually a pretty good podcast, it hasn’t been active for a while now.

You have about 10 episodes of Amazon FBA tips and valuable information. AMZsecrets is not as professional or specific as other Amazon seller podcast, it’s very dynamic and has a close tone.

However, it is mostly recommended for complete new entrepreneurs, or those people at home who really wish to start their own selling business through Amazon anytime soon.

8. FBA All-Stars

All Stars AmazonHere’s another of our personal favorites, and one the public knows. If you are looking for tips and inspiration, then Matt’s podcast is what you need to listen to.

FBA All-Stars has a motto: “1 step to 7 figures”, and he wasn’t lying. Starting from the bottom to the top, Matt will guide from the first episode of his podcast to earning one million dollars in a year.

You can find a new episode every week, and there are more than 100 episodes available on iTunes, Stitcher, and his website. Luckily for beginners, they last from 15 to 20 minutes.

Another thing we really like about this podcast is that everything is explained easily, so you can understand quickly and begin to make money in a short time.

9. AM PM Podcast

AMPM podcastRemember Helium 10? Well, Manny Coats is one of the founders. He took a step back and came up with the AM PM podcast.

Manny has been in the business world for the past 15 years, between Europe and the United States, he has made his first million dollars in only 9 months with Amazon.

The secret? There isn’t. He will tell you every single strategy and exciting fact about Amazon FBA in his podcast. Including simple tips for beginners, little secrets of Amazon, keyword research, and more.

There are almost 200 episodes to choose from, most of them between 15 to 20 minutes.

10. Aws podcast

Amazon podcastThere are more than 300 episodes about Amazon FBA and many other Amazon topics that will make you increase your incomes dramatically.

Since 2013, Jeff Barr and Simon Elisha, both Amazon employees for more than 15 years, decided it was about time to give people some advice on how they manage their sales, and Aws podcast is the amazing result.

What you will find here is not limited to one topic about selling on Amazon, it actually covers areas as analytics, media, machine learning, cost optimization, and more.

Our suggestion is to save their site and search for specific content. This is not material easy to digest by beginners, but if you have been selling on Amazon for a while and need some advice, here is where you find it.

11. PPC Den Podcast

Amazon PPC PodcastWhen we pay for advertising, we want it to actually work, we want our money to be exchanged for something good, and at PPC Den Podcast you will get the best strategies and tips to make the most out of your data.

Everything from data approach, fraud detection, indexation, predictions, and more is available in more than 30 episodes from a fantastic show.

This is mostly dedicated to people who want to make a living selling things on the internet; since you need to reach specific customers actually willing to buy stuff, the firs Amazon advertising podcasts shows you how to do so.

Every episode lasts between 20 to 30 minutes, and they upload a new one every week.

12. Amazing Freedom Podcast

Andy, Liran, and Nathan have something in common: a lot of experience on Amazon FBA, and a lot of money made out of sales.

So why wouldn’t you like to listen to tips and advice from such experienced people? The Amazing Freedom offers you interviews, successful case studies, tips, sponsorship, analytics, and more.

Depending on the topic, an episode of this podcast lasts between 10 to 20 minutes. And for people who sometimes can’t listen to the podcast but can read it, they have included the script on their website.

13. Amazon Seller Roundtable

Amazon Seller Roundtable podcastA little bit of knowledge about different marketing and business areas is what we need to be successful in a shorter time, and that’s exactly what Andy and Amy offer us with their podcast.

They have both gathered more than 15 years of experience about e-commerce, and their show gives us a weekly discussion about what’s going on in the business world, but focused on different areas.

Despite talking a lot about many things, Amazon Seller Roundtable is actually quite easy to listen to, and we recommend it for new and medium experienced sellers.

14. Smart Online Seller Podcast

This podcast was really great, but it stopped coming up with new episodes a while ago.

What we loved about the Smart Online Seller is that it’s not the typical Amazon FBA podcast, and you will notice it on the first episode.

Essentially, this show is the short story of how you can make $10.000 reselling items on Amazon.

And no, it’s not just about buying something cheaper and selling them for a bit more. You have to do a deep research trying to figure out which items will be sold faster than others.

15. Niche Pursuits Podcast

Niche Pursuits podcastHere you will find dozens of success stories, but not just about happy people who made it into the business world through the big door, you will also get the downs of the story.

It’s not a gossip thing, it’s for you to learn how to recover from common mistakes and to keep on hanging until you make it.

Spencer, who is the entrepreneur and mastermind behind this podcast, is dedicated to offer you his experience through this format. Since 2011 he has been working with ads and investigating niche business ideas.

At the Niche Pursuits Podcast, you will find the best SEO tricks for people to discover your Amazon store faster. Simply can’t miss it.

16. My Wife Quit Her Job

My Wife Quit podcastThis is probably one of the most refreshing podcast about Amazon FBA you can find at the moment.

When Steve Chou first said “my wife quit her job,”he knew he needed to do something to keep supporting his family. Luckily, both agreed that becoming entrepreneurs was the best choice.

Here you will find their very personal experience in business, and a great amount of successful case stories, tips, hacks, analytics, news, SEO, and more.

But the best part, honestly, is that he has it organized by category, so you don’t have to search between more than 300 recordings manually.

17. Empire Flippers Podcast

Empire Flippers Podcast - Flip an Amazon businessFinally, here we show you a great podcast with a lot of information on digital marketing, e-commerce, and Amazon FBA.

What we like so much about Empire Flippers is that they have a friendly approach that ’s easy to listen to all kinds of entrepreneurs.

They have more than 150 episodes for you to listen to, and, essentially, what you will find is how to reach more visitors, how to choose the right products to sell, how taking your business to Europe, choosing the right niche, and so on.

Definitely, a must listen in our Amazon seller podcast list.

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