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You are here because you are either thinking about starting out Amazon PPC Campaigns or you want to get some tips on how to improve and refine your Amazon Campaigns. Amazon PPC management software is the key in managing and maintaining your Pay Per Click advertising quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. We have wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars testing Amazon PPC campaigns, made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to. Sick and tired of downloading and trying to analyze Amazon PPC reports from Advertising Manager in Seller Central? There are various kinds of Amazon PPC management tools available that can put you ahead of your competitors in terms of customer targeting. Burning cash on poorly optimized campaigns and unsure of which keywords or search terms to be using for your product. In this article, you will get to know about some of the most effective Amazon advertising PPC software or tools which are available for Amazon agencies and FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) sellers.

Best Amazon PPC Management Tools for FBA Sellers

1. Scope by Sellics

Scope by Sellics is one of the leading Amazon PPC management software tools and also the best solution to maximize your profits of Amazon PPC. An Amazon PPC tool permits the users to analyze, optimize, and track the performance of all the Amazon ads by using user-friendly and useful graphs that are easy and simple to read.

The key features of Scope include automated keyword changes, the capability to pause keywords in ad campaigns, and the ability to set search terms to negative in campaigns.

The user’s data trackers and graphs will help you to make informed decisions for their campaigns and also carry their Amazon business in the right direction. The basic price plan of Sellics for Amazon sellers starts around $67 per month, is $1000 – $60,000 annually.

2. Teikametrics

Teikametrics Advanced PPC

The objective of Teikametrics enables sellers using their Amazon PPC management. Along with their professional advice, the sellers can benefit from various other services that include data which is easy and simple enough to automated actions. Their applications can also help you to make targeted campaigns that will let you achieve your ACOS.

3. PPC Entourage

Amazon FBA PPC Entourage
PPC Entourage is a user-friendly and simple Amazon PPC management software tool. Ideal for Amazon sellers who are not fond of maths or do not want to spend too much time on the hard data. Amazon PPC management using PPC Entourage software is a breeze. Using their Campaign Strategy, automatic campaign keyword editing, and a quick bid change system which permits you to increase or decrease your bids which is based on your ACoS strategy in a single click.

4. Zon.Tools

Zon.Tools PPC Software

To make it easier than ever before to maintain, manage, and automate Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns, Zon.Tools are used, which is always-affordable and delivers effective Pay Per Click conversion rates, lower ACoS, and increased advertising revenue for any Amazon Sellers.

This tool is the most advanced, fastest Amazon PPC automation tool, it’s also one of the steepest learning curves for PPC management software we have tested. The tutorials and videos of how to set up it all up and walk through training provided are excellent; however, do not expect this to be one-click automated PPC campaigns. PPC on Amazon takes time to get right and you need to collect the data before you can see any serious increase in ACOS.

Not many PPC experts in the Amazon field, however Stefano (A Google Adwords PPC expert since 2011) has come up with a great Amazon PPC tool and also is very active in social media groups. Amazon advertising is always changing and Stefano and his team sure does keep up with the times and is constantly updating and revising the software.

Still unsure, Zon.Tools offer a 30day trial for just $1.

5. PPC Scope

PPC Scope Amazon
PPC scope might be the best PPC Amazon management tools for new FBA sellers. Optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns by using simple investigation charts which reveal to you the big picture of your effort history and results. Brian Johnson another expert in the field of Amazon PPC created PPC Scope uses innovative analytical tools that assist you in determining the flaws and strengths of your PPC campaigns, exhibiting you what keywords will work and assist you in replacing the ones that are not. The users will be in a position to make wise decisions, make use of information collected in the past and current campaigns, together along with ease. For the brand new sellers, users may gain from a simple cost package of $19.99 monthly. Why not try free 21 day trail (no credit card required).

6. Sellerapp

Seller App Amazon PPC
This tool is specially designed for Amazon PPC management for Amazon merchants. It helps you to easily and quickly reach your target ACoS by going through the data of campaign in minutes easily. It can help in increasing the ranks of your ad by bidding on top keywords of buyers with the best keyword optimization strategy. This PPC analyzer tool helps you to grab the top ad position easily. Some of its other features are:
  1. Product Listings
  2. Product Research
  3. Amazon Seller Analytics
  4. Amazon Keyword Research
  5. Amazon Competitor Lookup
  6. Amazon PPC Analyzer
  7. Amazon Product Listing Quality
  8. Amazon Product Alerts

7. Cashcowpro

With the help of Cashcowpro, you will be able to check the SKUs of your product quickly and can make modifications based on how each of your products is performing. With the use of it, users can automatically send emails to customers during their busy schedule. It also allows users to gain organic and more positive reviews for your Amazon business.

This tool is available in two price packages, $99.70 for monthly and $997 for yearly, along with the free trial of 10 days.

8. Sellozo

PPC Sellozo

Sellozo offers the leading suite of optimization and management tools for Amazon sellers powered by real data. Gain more profit, be a better Seller with intelligent data-driven tools!

This tool provides comprehensive, a la carte suite of intelligent tools for merchants of Amazon. It improves both sales performance and ads for sellers and also automates the tedious stuff, analyzes a wealth of package and data it all up into tools and reporting which is powered by real data and backed by exceptional support that Amazon sellers need.

9. Adbadger

Ad Badger PPC
This tool makes running your company easier with its Amazon PPC management software. Users do not need to log into Amazon Sponsored Products ever again. They can easily and simply leave the tedious and hard work to Adbadger and see the growing profits. This managed tool automatically adds useful and positive keywords to your products and also ensures that you never pay more for a PPC ad click again. Its basic package is $107 a month.

10. Amachete

It is an Amazon PPC management system that works like a Google Chrome extension for the browser. This software monitors your listing constantly and ensures that you can automatically pause or stop product hijackers who are trying to take your customer or product listings. You will also take advantage from an inventory tracker, and an hourly rank tracker, making the extension basic but great Amazon PPC software for your FBA Company. It’s pricing starts from $39 a month with a 100% money-back guarantee.

11. Amazooka

This tool provides you an effective PPC Amazon tracker that can show you real-time statistics for all your paid ads. Its product launcher will help you to generate sales with little or no effort easily. It keeps track of your reviews with their product promotion tool and assisting you in launching products every day to generate hundreds of sales. This tool provides sales support for better customer engagement. This Amazon PPC management software starts from $60 a month.

12. Sonar by Sellics

If you want to increase the visibility of your ads, then you need to perform thorough keyword research as a part of your PPC campaign strategy. Make use of Sonar, a free Amazon keyword research tool to create your PPC keyword lists. Sonar by Sellics has a comprehensive Amazon keyword database that extracts keywords from the customer search queries which are used by real Amazon shoppers.

13. Prestozon

It is an Amazon PPC management service tool which can provide you the result within moments. You will be capable of switching your keywords from bad ones that are not searched for to ones that your customers frequently used when searching for products that you sell. Its price package ranges from $50 to $1000 for monthly advertising, and it may vary between $1000, and $100,000 depends on your PPC needs and uses.

14. Ignite by Sellerlabs

Ignite is a tool which can help you to get an intelligent bid and keyword suggestions that can help to increase your profit and decrease ACoS percentages. It also offers a PPC strategy based on historical data so that you can spend less time managing campaigns and more time in optimizing them for profit. Sellerlabs provide Ignite as a 30-day free trial period for their Ignite product. Its minimum price is $49 per month for five campaigns, and the maximum price is $499 per month for 100 campaigns.

15. PPC Winner

It is an automated advertising tool for Amazon sellers, which can help in creating new PPC campaigns and manages the whole advertising process for sellers. The main features of PPC winner include automatic keyword search and PPC campaign creation, and also daily bidding optimization to enhance ad impressions and the position within search results. Management services from PPC Winner offering round the clock support and online training….. to boost your Amazon FBA company PPC sales through the roof.

16. My Seller Pal

My Seller Pal helps in automating Amazon feedback requests and reviews, promoting Amazon products on Facebook and other social media platforms using brand websites and landing pages, optimizes Sponsored Products campaigns, and shows true Amazon profits after Amazon cost and fees of goods sold.

17. Trendle

It is all-in-one Amazon PPC management tool that helps sellers of Amazon to grow their business in profitable ways. It is available in a free trial of 30 days and cost $50 a month.


Along with these, there are hundreds of Amazon PPC management tools that can effectively help you in managing your PPC advertising. Amongst all, you need to choose the best one according to its features and capabilities and most importantly your business needs. And what you like to achieve with PPC services in your business. It could be practical to ask the companies that pique your interest and observe what they can do for you to help to build your business. Such things will help you to make a smart decision. So, take your own time, know the business do research, and start managing your Amazon advertising PPC campaigns.


Amazon PPC (Amazon Sponsored products) is an advertising platform with Seller Central to help sellers increase their product awareness and generate more sales. Pay per click (PPC) advertising, or cost per click is when the Amazon seller pays Amazon each time the sponsored post is clicked. Essentially Its a way to drive buyers to your Amazon product listing. 

Amazon ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sale) is a key metric used to measure performance of your PPC (Amazon Sponsored Products) campaigns.  ACoS = PPC Ad spend ÷ sales.

Amazon PPC for Sponsored Products the minimum cost-per-click bid is $0.02. Amazon Seller Central recommends a minimum of $0.05 to be competitive.

Scope by Sellics is the best Amazon PPC Management tool available in 2019 for Amazon FBA Sellers. For advanced Amazon sellers and Teikametrics would be the best PPC software. 

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